I came home to New Mexico this weekend for MDW, and stopped in Santa Fe on the way to Taos. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to New Mexico during the summer, and I *almost* forgot how beautiful it is, especially when the weather is nice. My sister and I stopped by a roadside hamburger stand for green chili cheeseburgers, and after walked around the Santa Fe Plaza looking at shops and galleries.

There is no better place to rep your turquoise jewelry than in Santa Fe, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to wear my dangly cross earrings and squash blossom ring that never get any wear in NYC. I wanted the jewelry to be the focal point of my look, so I kept the rest simple with a wide leg jeans and cotton blouse from Madewell. 👓

Madewell, top // Madewell, jeans // Madewell, bag // Seychelles, mules

Posted by:Santana

Santana is a New Mexico native working in NYC as a digital marketer for a jewelry company. She lives on the UWS with her boyfriend and their chorkie, Frankie.

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