I think all my fashionable ladies will agree, mastering the art of high-low is key to great style. Personally, I always invest in timeless accessories, like bags and jewelry, and then try to spend the least amount possible when it comes to clothing, especially trendy clothing. I’m definitely from the school that the right accessories can make any outfit look expensive.

Anyways, on one of my recent hunts for cute (and affordable) clothes, I discovered this perfect summer jumper on Nordstrom. Not only does it fit great and is made of linen-like material perfect for summer, but it’s also only $65 (plus they are having a sale now so it might be even less)! I love the subtle nautical vibe, and instantly knew it would pair perfectly with my white vintage Chanel bag. It’s finds like these that make the thrill of the hunt so addictive. 👓

Dee Elly, jumpsuit // Vintage Chanel, bag (great selection here)


Posted by:Santana

Santana is a New Mexico native working in NYC as a digital marketer for a jewelry company. She lives on the UWS with her boyfriend and their chorkie, Frankie.

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